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Youth Media Project  
The Ethio-Digital and IT Services (EDITS), has brought a youth media Project, called Ethio Techno Mobile Multimedia project to train low-income teens by using exciting, and cutting-edge technologies to inspire students. With funding from the City of Seattle and sponsored by the Ethiopian Community Mutual Association (ECMA), EDITS is brining this technology and civic engagement project to the community. EDITS is a member of the Puget Sound Alliance for Community Technology (PSACT ) and work closely as a partner with Seattle Community Access Network (SCAN) TV Program . In this project, students between 11-19 years of ages will integrate the training with their life experience, cultural heritage, and community issues given by the instructor. 
Starting May 3, 2006, we will provide a youth TV program Ethio Youth Media" every other Sunday from 3:00PM - 4:00PM through SCAN TV on cable channel 77/29. In this program, we will promote language, culture, and history of Ethiopia, inform the youth about educational opportunities, scholarships and other resources.
Techno Mobiles students after the training
We believe that helping young people to achieve their full potential is the best way to prevent them from engaging in risky behaviors. When youth have the chance to exercise leadership, build skills, and get involved in their communities, they gain self-confidence, trust, and practical knowledge that helps them grow into healthy, happy, and self-sufficient adults.
EDITS and SCAN staff members with Techno Mobiles students after the training
The project is all about providing meaningful opportunities for youths by speaking out their issues through media. The more successful the youth have an experience, the more likely they'll be successful on their goals.
So, in this project the Ethio Techno Mobile students will work together for positive development. We believe, if the youth have access to such opportunities along with the support of caring parents, they will have big role in building a healthy and strong community.
Techno Mobile students at ECMA computer lab
Disadvantage and low-income communities tend to be under-represented in technology industries. We believe they could be more effective if they provided the motivating experience of creating new technology
Techno Mobile students at North Seattle Community College class room.
In the coming month, beside its training at the Ethiopian Community Mutual Association computer Lab and North Seattle Community College, the training will begin at Rainier Vista Community Technology Center and Yesler Learning Center on June, 2006. With the help of community and technically-skilled adults, students will build elements of the project with the Multimedia technology skills to integrate their language, culture, and history with thier personal experience.
EDITS: "Turning Technology and community issues in to Solutions"

EDITS is designed to empower innovation and fuel technical literacy amongst immigrant communities who otherwise never would have the opportunity.

Share the education with a broader participation among immigrant communties through Multimedia distribution.

Encourage family and community involvement practices to academic goals to achieve student performance and attendance in school.

Capture the education for long-term use by creating technology programs to utilize multimedia technology appropriately.

Provide access to low-income and disadvantage children's to technology using Mobile Studio where there is no computer access in their neighborhoods.

EDITS: "Turning Technology and community issues in to Solutions"

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