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Ethio Youth Media TV Program
Ethio Youth Media Tv program brings the Ethiopian culture in to life and transfer it to the next generation.
Mission Statement
Ethio Youth Media is a TV program dedicated to promote the Ethiopian culture to life and transfer it to the next generation Using Media as the focal element. the program seeks to extend the boundaries of multimedia program by educating the public and the youth on a medium that has traditionally been accepted as functional craft.
What do we do?
EYM is a group of people who are interested to transform the TV program as a medium and also teach educational, historical, and cultural heritage of Ethiopia.
Where did we come from?
EYM was conceived in 2004 from a multimedia technology project sponsored by Ethiopian Community Mutual Association. Then expanded its broadcasting program reflecting youth activities in Ethiopian Educational, Cultural, and Sport Center and HA HU Besefre.
EYM has produced variety multimedia youth programs such as technology, cultural, historical and language based programs as well as soccer, basketball, and fundraising events.
EYM has now a one hour program on the 2nd & 4th week on Sunday's from 3:00PM - 4:00PM through SCAN cable channel 77/29.
Where are we going?
Ethio Youth Media will:
  • Develop Avenues to promote and produce educational programs.
  • Promote Ethiopian cultural and traditional programs and events.
  • Organize young Ethiopian's locally, regionally, and nationally.
  • Keep abreast with technology to keep members and the public informed.
  • Encourage membership to think beyond their individual boundaries.
  • Celebrate, elevate, and promote the talent of Young Ethiopians.
  • Post information's that is very valuable for young people .
Working together with you
By growing together, encouraging each other, and embracing media as visual expression, we will provide opportunities for Ethiopian youth to share their American experience.
We hope, with the involvement of you the parent and community members, EYM will be an educational tool to transfer the Ethiopian history and cultural heritage to the next the generation.
Ethio Youth Media Television program schedules
The Ethio Youth Media TV program will be seen on Cable channel 77/29 on 2nd & 4th Sunday of the month from 3:00PM - 4:00PM.
Mail address: Ethio Youth Media
P.O.Box 33867
Seattle, WA 98133

EDITS is designed to empower innovation and fuel technical literacy amongst immigrant communities who otherwise never would have the opportunity.

Share the education with a broader participation among immigrant communties through Multimedia distribution.

Encourage family and community involvement practices to academic goals to achieve student performance and attendance in school.

Capture the education for long-term use by creating technology programs to utilize multimedia technology appropriately.

Provide access to low-income and disadvantage children's to technology using Mobile Studio where there is no computer access in their neighborhoods.

EDITS: "Turning Technology and community issues in to Solutions"

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