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Culture-based Youth MultiMedia Education  
Group picture of Ethio Techno Mobile Multimedia students during 2006 certificate ceremony
Current training:
The Ethio Digital and IT Services (EDITS) with the collaboration with the City of Seattle park and Recreation, has brought the Ethio-Techno Mobile Multimedia Studio project to young Ethiopian teens.
This project will teach Ethiopian teenagers and Literacy students which are geographically distributed in to three locations in Seattle.
EDITS will recruit low-income, disadvantaged Ethiopian youth, under 18 years of age to learn multimedia – audio/visual – computer and DVD operation and production skills to advance their native Amharic language and English, using graphic design principles, and image editing.
This Mobile studio, will use interactive instruction techniques involving “hands-on” use of different multimedia equipment and software such as a projector, lap top computers, wall screens, DVD-VHS player, video camera as well as image-editing software applications.
This new style of teaching, (with the addition of a customized web site dedicated to the project) will show student activities and progress in Amharic and English to exchange information (Video Pen Pals' ) with their fellow Ethiopian students back home and around the world. This project will give students to work in groups on their local community issues and projects.
The three months session will continue providing service starting on June, 2007 at the following locations:
Yesler Community Center
917 E. Yesler Way Seattle, WA 98122
Every Saturday from 11:00PM - 1:00PM
Ethio Digital & IT Services
2301 S. Jackson St. Suit #101F Seattle, WA 98144
Every Saturday from 1:00PM - 3:00PM
Rainer Vista Technology Center:
4410 29th Avenue So. Seattle, WA 98108
Every Thursday from 3:30:00PM-5:30PM
* Current Courses in these locations
  1. Introduction to Image editing
  2. Introduction to graphic design
  3. Introduction to Multimedia development.
  4. Introduction to web design
* Courses scheduled for next season
  1. Multimedia Development
  2. Digital Photography
  3. Computer Animation
  4. Augmented software

EDITS is designed to empower innovation and fuel technical literacy amongst immigrant communities who otherwise never would have the opportunity.

Share the education with a broader participation among immigrant communties through Multimedia distribution.

Encourage family and community involvement practices to academic goals to achieve student performance and attendance in school.

Capture the education for long-term use by creating technology programs to utilize multimedia technology appropriately.

Provide access to low-income and disadvantage children's to technology using Mobile Studio where there is no computer access in their neighborhoods.

EDITS: "Turning Technology and community issues in to Solutions"

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